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Budget Shopping Tips–Finding Discounts

Most of us know the best time to shop can be around a holiday. Not only THE Holidays in December, but any of the others as well. You can get the largest selection online, without taking extra time to go out shopping. And the deals often run longer than the holiday itself, which means more opportunities to save.

When I’m shopping and want to check for deals, I’ll approach it one of two ways: (1) If I want to shop at a specific store, I’ll look to see what deals that merchant is running or (2) when I have something specific in mind and want to look at several shops with offers going on I’ll look at the specific category. Since Mother’s Day is Sunday, I can probably find good offers right now on other-than-Mom’s-Day items. By using my two shopping strategies above in conjunction with the Special Offers and Clearances section on (my website), I’ll be able to easily find sales and coupons that are good right now.

Checking for offers at a specific store.

Finding DealsFirst, I’ll check at a couple of merchants that may have something I want on sale–QVC and Shutterfly. Looking for QVC, I first go to All Offers and Clearances  and look for QVC down the left column and click. I see QVC has 35 deals today, 31 of those sales or clearance. From there I can see a few that catch my eye: Designer Fashion Clearance ending today, Jewelry Clearance runs through Monday, and a Bedding Clearance through May 21st. When I click any of those, it takes me straight to the correct place on the QVC website, where I can shop and order. I can do the same for Shutterfly’s eight offers.

Checking for offers in a specific category.

What if I know what type of shopping I want to do, but want to shop the sales at several different stores? I can do that, too. Beginning at the same All Offers and Clearances page, I’ll look under “Categories” in the left corner. I want to shop for jewelry, so I’ll click on that to get to the jewelry offers (109 of them today).  I can then browse all at my leisure, look at them by deal type, or see what each of the 27 jewelry stores on the list are offering. A few offers I see…

  • Limoges  (a popular discount jewelry store) has 22% off $20 or more order through the 13th.
  • Zales has buy 3 Persona beads and get the bracelet free, also through the 13th.
  • My Jewelry Box has a coupon code for 20% off plus free shipping on orders of $150 through the end of the month.

If you regularly use the Offers and Clearances page, you will notice there are always a lot of offers, but they are more plentiful–and usually better–just before and during a holiday. Right now, for example, there are about 1,900 separate offers from around 60 merchants. Some are already publishing Father’s Day deals, so I’m expecting  those numbers to continue for a couple months, into the summer.

Got some shopping to do? Get a deal!