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Don’t Freak Out About the $25K+ Average Wedding Cost

A good part of the population nearly faints or panics (or both) when hearing what the average wedding costs these days. There is no need for either. As it turns out, higher-income weddings skew the average (that’s math-speak for “sends the lower income folk into a tizzy”).
The average wedding cost split out by household income. Looks more reasonable for lower income. |
New stats just released by The Wedding Report break down that average and lets us take a closer look. As you can see on the chart, wedding spending is less than average until you start looking at those who make more than $150,000. If your income is between $50,000 and $75,000, for example, your financial peers tend to spend around $15,000 on their weddings. It’s still a chunk of money, but far less heart-stopping than the $26,000 figure.

So, this should be a load off your shoulders. If the upper echelons want to spend a lot on their nuptials, more power to them. But yours can be fabulous (and just as, if not more, fun) for far less!