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5 Groomsmen Wedding Attire Questions Answered

Tradition dictates that the men rent tuxes for the big event. Well, let’s forget about tradition. Today, there are so many more options for the groom and groomsmen’s wedding attire.

You may choose to go with groomsmen wear such as suits or other alternatives. This can save both money and make the guys more interesting to look at. Here are some ideas for more non-traditional or casual wedding attire for the groomsmen …
Groomsmen's wedding attire questions answered.

1) If not tuxes, what DO the groomsmen wear?

Even “casual” tuxedos have a formal air about them that may not be a good fit your wedding. There’s also the added time of getting everyone to the store. Not to mention, to avoid fines someone must drive to return all attire to the shop post-event.

Alternatives to consider:

a) Mimic the bridesmaids’ trend of having each wear the same color but choosing her own style. You can dictate the groomsmen’s color (navy blue, gray, black, etc.) and have them wear their own suits.

Tip: If the color has many variations, collect some swatches that are in your “approved range” to give them. This will avoid off colors that do not blend as you’d like or more light/dark variation than you’d planned.

b) Let groomsmen choose informal attire they can wear in everyday life. Like a mix and match of nice blue jeans, suspenders, and button-down shirts with jackets and ties.

c) Skip the jackets completely and go with suspenders or vests. Pair with white or colored shirts, and matching pants.

d) Pick nice-looking but inexpensive suits that are also appropriate as normal dress wear. Your groomsmen can then wear them to future events.

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2) Is groomsmen wedding attire rental a thing when there are no tuxes?

Absolutely. If the men aren’t the type to wear their wedding suits later on, it may be cheaper to rent them.

Some tuxedo retailers have suit options for many of today’s less-than-formal weddings. But then you are back to the added work of coordinating with and returning to a physical store.

If you like the idea of renting but not the logistics, there is not another option: renting online. Generation Tux, for example, lets you and your groomsmen customize and fit entire outfits from home. The guys then receive their suits in the mail.

They’ve done this over 200,000 times, using their eTailor technology. The 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Wedding Wire confirms they know what they are doing! If a piece happens to be the wrong fit, you can get a replacement. The cost to rent a groomsmen suit or jacket begins at under $100 before the discount.

This bright blue groomsmen suit is darker than dusty blue but lighter than royal. Keep it classic with a long tie and belt. Or make it more unique, with a rustic flare, by adding a bow tie and suspenders. There's also the option of wearing a vest. Tap on the image and scroll to number 2 in the blog post to find a discount coupon code for 20% off this suit rental. #GroomsmenSuits #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #BlueSuits #GroomsmenIdeas #Groomsmen

The dapper groomsmen in the photo above is wearing the indigo blue Notch Lapel suit. You can customize the look to fit your own personality. Choose, for example, a bow tie and suspenders instead of long tie and belt for a more casual look at the reception.

3) Do groomsmen pay for their own suits or outfit?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Members of the wedding party, including groomsmen, often pay for their own attire.

But it depends on what you want to do. If you and your fiance would like to pay for all or part of their ensembles, go for it.

Another approach is to have the guys pay for their outfit, but buy one or more pieces of the ensemble for them. Custom accessories, like personalized groomsmen cufflinks make great wedding party gifts.

Or decide which specific piece you would like to be the same for all the groomsmen and buy that.

Men's cufflinks for your wedding groomsmen. These are personalized with each guy's initials and come in a gift box. You can even choose different monograms for the left and right cuff as well as the box. #GroomsmenCufflinks #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #PersonalizedCufflinks #MensCufflinks #GroomsmenGifts #GroomsmenGiftIdeas #Cufflinks #CustomCufflinks

Tap here to read about and buy the monogrammed cufflinks above in a wood gift box.

4) What about the best man? Does he wear the same thing as the groom or the groomsmen?

The best man is a special groomsman, chosen because he is close to the groom in some way. For this reason, he often stands out from the others. Do this by having him wear a suit or clothes similar to the groom but contrasting in some way. Or vary the color or style details for the best man.

The choice is yours as long as the groom, best man, and groomsmen create a cohesive look. Viewed together, they should look like they belong as a group. And the groom and best man should be noticeable as Head Dude and Special Dude, respectively.

5. What are some non traditional groomsmen wedding attire ideas?

Non traditional groomsmen attire often relies on accessories. Each has the potential to add flare to an otherwise ordinary outfit. The guys’ accessories include, at a minimum, socks and shoes. Cufflinks, ties, suspenders, and/or a pocket square may also be part of the mix.

Here are a few ideas for how the groomsmen can wear their everyday dress suits or pants and shirt. But “oomph them up” with accessories.

  • Suspenders. These create a different look and can even be worn without jackets for a more informal, yet still dressed-up look.
  • Vests. You can rent them (see number two above) or, if you or one of your helpers is good with a sewing machine, have them custom-made.
  • Bow ties. Novelty ties, with dots or patterns, are a quirky way to add dimension to an ensemble.

Fun groomsmen attire idea. Novelty socks! They put unique playfulness into the guys' accessories. Tap and scroll to number 5 in the blog post for these and other alternative groomsmen outfit ideas. Also, look there for the link to buy these styles. #GroomGroomsmen #GroomsmenAttire #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #GroomsmenAccessories #GroomsmenIdeas #GroomsSocks #GroomsAttire #GroomAccessories #GroomIdeas #GroomsmenSocks

  • Unique socks. Add interest to otherwise nondescript outfits by having the men wear colored or playful patterned socks. The socks in the picture above are from the Ties Novelty Socks Collection. Tap here to see them.
  • Pattern shirts. These can also serve to elevate a look while also keeping it somewhat informal. Pair with slacks for polish or jeans for a rustic wedding.

To get some ideas for the men in your wedding, take a look at the Groom and Groomsmen pinboard here.