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Wedding Budget Savings Tip #266: Have a potluck as an informal reception

Wedding Budget Saving Tip: Plan a potluck as an informal reception | From Dream Wedding on a Dime ebook

The food can be one of the largest line items on a wedding budget. If your wedding is very informal and you want the atmosphere to be more of a casual get-together among friends and family than a traditional event, there is one way to nearly eliminate the cost of the meal …

Have a potluck meal, where the guests bring the food. This can be the ultimate DIY: no cost or cooking for you. Consider the guest experience as well. Not all of your guests  will be enthused at the prospect of bringing their own food to a wedding. So add a quirky twist. For example, make it fun by having a cooking competition or other food-centric event; have them bring food in lieu of a gift; or make it a recipe exchange.

This tip is based on an excerpt from the Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride ebook.

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Saturday 13th of August 2016

This potluck is the best idea ever. This is what i am doing for mine.

Bobette Kyle

Monday 15th of August 2016

Great, Trudy! Congratulations on your wedding.