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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding dressIf you want your big day to be flawless, leave nothing to chance, especially the dress. In fact, begin shopping for your wedding dress eight to twelve months ahead of time. No matter what anyone tells you, there are some lessons you can only learn from experience. But here are several suggestions to make that experience a positive one:

  • Do your homework. Clip and save pictures of gowns from magazines and the Internet, and bring them with you when you shop. Collect examples of different styles, investigate various designers, and keep notes on your preferences.
  • Try on as many styles as you can. (It’s been reported the average bride tries on sixteen wedding dresses before she makes her decision.)
  • Narrow down your choices of style, color, and cost. Make a list of the accessories, lingerie, and shoes you will need to complement the dress.
  • Plan on at least two, probably more, fittings. Bring your shoes, headdress, veil, lingerie, and accessories to the first fitting.
  • Bring your mother or maid of honor with you to your last fitting. One of them will probably be helping you get dressed.

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