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Wedding Flowers on a Budget? 5 DIY Ideas

When it comes to the flowers, DIY could mean buying all the components and literally creating every floral piece, or it could mean buying finished or semi-finished bouquets and decorations from various nontraditional sources.

In either case, you take on the additional responsibility of assuring that the flowers are both perky and beautifully designed and that they remain so throughout the wedding and reception.

To help you decide which is right for you, I’ve outlined some approaches below.

DIY ideas for wedding flowers on a budget. |
1. Buy finished florals from nontraditional sources.

There are a variety of non-florist merchants, both local and online, where you can buy flower arrangements.

– warehouse stores
– grocery stores
– online merchants
– nurseries

You can buy bouquets and other wedding-party flowers from some of those same online merchants and through individuals on Etsy and eBay.

2. Buy bulk flowers and materials for DIY.

This option requires talent and time. For the average person, the elaborate decorations and bouquets you often see at weddings are not easy to create. If you are in a position to make these on yourself or are going with a more minimalistic look, there are several routes you may want to explore before deciding where to buy your supplies.

Buying Bulk

Most of us are unfamiliar with the concept of buying fresh cut flowers in bulk. While the flowers will arrive soon before the wedding, you should decide on what you plan to order and prepare for their arrival well ahead of time.

3. For the best price on bulk flowers, consider buying from a wholesaler or club store.

In days of old, there were few options for the average person who wanted to purchase flowers. With modern shipping and communication technology, however, several companies in the wholesale flower industry now ship directly to the end consumer—in other words, you.

Some wholesalers ship directly from the farm. Others package the flowers in a separate facility and ship them from there. Even the “big three” wholesale clubs—Costco, Sam’s, and BJ’s—all sell bulk flowers through their websites.

In any case, first become aware of the measures the seller takes to ensure the flowers are fresh when they arrive and what you must do to keep them beautiful for your wedding day.

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Fifty Flowers sells fresh flowers online for budget weddings, for example, has a 100% freshness guarantee and provides detailed wedding flower care instructions.

Vase Options

Containers for centerpieces or other decorations can be expensive. Renting is an option, but you can also buy at wholesale or rock-bottom prices.

4. Shop local dollar and charity-resale stores for mix and match or small, lightweight vases.

5. Buy larger vases in bulk online; then, resell them after the wedding to another local bride or through eBay.

Visit for options.