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DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Flowers

Making your wedding centerpieces with real, live flowers can sound scary. But it doesn’t need to be! Here are ideas for different types of DIY wedding centerpieces with flowers. Also, where to buy the florals, greenery, and supplies without leaving home. What type of centerpiece do you want? If you do not yet precisely know …

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25 Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

Mason jars efficiently serve as inexpensive vases for your wedding centerpieces. Depending on how you decorate or fill them with, they can also add different effects to your guest tables. Here are 25 different mason jar centerpiece ideas for weddings and other events. You will also find a few simple DIY tutorials mixed in with …

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DIY Centerpiece Idea

Make your own wedding centerpieces from clear glass vases filled with freeze-dried, silk or fresh rose petals, baby’s breathe, and/or other florals. For a lighted centerpiece, put a flameless candle at the center and surround with your choice of decor. Or, fill a vase with water and top with these floating water candles (safely fueled …

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