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25 Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

Mason jars efficiently serve as inexpensive vases for your wedding centerpieces. Depending on how you decorate or fill them with, they can also add different effects to your guest tables.

Here are 25 different mason jar centerpiece ideas for weddings and other events. You will also find a few simple DIY tutorials mixed in with other jars or centerpieces you may buy. 

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25 Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas You'll Adore

This is a long post. So, take a second and pin it to your mason jar, wedding, or centerpieces board now. When you come back use the table of contents below to jump to your favorite sections.

Note: As with most links on, many of the links in this post go to this site’s shop section or directly to another website. My Online Wedding Help will receive a small commission from the merchant if you click and buy a product.

Mason Jar Centerpieces with Flowers

You do not need me to tell you that putting flowers into the jar can make beautiful centerpieces. Here are some examples. 

It is no stretch to imagine a mason jar as a vase. You can use fresh flowers as I did in the bottom right arrangement. But paper, wood, silk, and other faux flowers are lovely as well. 

Top Left: Megan created this centerpiece from four pint-size jars. The twine and distressed details make these perfect for a rustic or vintage style wedding.

Megan does not include flowers, but she has several photos of different types for inspiration. Take a look for more information or to buy the jars

Bottom Left: This mini half-pint mason jar centerpiece is adorable. Tesha fills the painted mason jar vase with handmade wooden flowers. It’s perfect as part of a larger tablescape arrangement. Learn more or buy from Tesha here.

Top Right: Lightroom creates this pint mason jar vase inside a rustic wooden holder. The result is a show-stopping effect. Multiples of these in a rectangle tablescape are breathtaking. Learn more or buy these unique centerpieces here.

Bottom Right: Here, I’ve combined the “filled mason jars” approach with flowers. This centerpiece is ideal for a Spring or Easter wedding and is easy to create. Or modify it to your theme or season. Read on for the DIY instructions.

How to Make a Mason Jar Centerpiece with Flowers and Filler

Here’s a centerpiece I made both with flowers and a unique filler. Read on after the instructions for adjusting your centerpiece for any season or wedding theme.

First, a disclaimer: My “rule” is only to show DIY that I can do myself because I’m not good at crafts, and I don’t want to give the impression that I am. More importantly, I want the projects here on to be simple, so that anyone can do them.

What you need:

  • 1-quart mason jar and 1 jelly jar
  • 8-10 straight carrots at least as tall as the quart jar
  • Flowers. My flowers are daisies and orange-to-yellow variegated rosebuds
  • Rustic ribbon, twine, or other decoration

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Easter or spring wedding centerpiece idea. Use mason jars and carrots for a simple and unique arrangement. Very colorful, too. See the DIY in the post. Look for it in the mason jar centerpieces with flowers section. On the My Online Wedding Help blog. #SpringWedding #EasterCenterpiece #FlowerCenterpieces

Step 1: Cut carrots so they are the length of the inside height of your large mason jar. Then cut in half lengthwise, so you have long half-round carrots.

Step 2: Place the jelly jar inside your quart mason jar. The jelly jar is for flower stems. The space between the double walls is for carrots.

Step 3: Place carrots vertically, cut-side out, around the inside of the quart jar. Alternate between thick end up and thick end down, so there are no spaces between the carrots.

Quite likely, you will need to shave off part of the rounded side to get them to fit. Most of mine were more like carrot planks than half-carrots.

Step 4: Fill the jars with water and place a little flower preserver inside the jelly jar.

Step 5: Separate your flowers and cut the stems at an angle. I cut them, so they were a little less than twice the height of the quart jar. 

Step 6: Arrange the flowers. Begin with those that will make up most of the arrangement. Place them inside the jelly jar, crossing stems.

Next, add the secondary flowers. Arrange as you’d like. I know you can do better than I did!

Step 7: Tie a burlap ribbon bow around the neck of the quart jar. Probably a smaller bow would than mine would look better.  Be creative and use whatever decorations you like. 

That’s all there is to it. You’re done!

How to Make Mason Jar Centerpieces with Lemons

You can modify the carrot and flower centerpiece above to fit your colors and needs. For example,  you can make your mason jar centerpieces with lemons instead of carrots. Adjust steps one through three in the instructions as follows:

Step 1: First, cut your lemons in slices of the thickness of the space between the inner jelly jar and the quart mason jar. Err on the side of too thick. You can always make them smaller.

Step 2: Place the jelly jar inside your quart mason jar. The jelly jar is for flower stems. The space between the double walls is for lemon slices.

Step 3: Place lemon slices vertically around the inside of the quart jar. So the cut sides are pressed against the inside of the quart jar. Look at the oranges in the Filled Mason Jars section of this post for inspiration.

If any of the slices are too thick, shave off pieces of the rind to make them thinner. Proceed with step 4 above to place your flowers in the middle of the centerpiece.

Hydrangeas in Mason Jars

Hydrangeas are the ideal flowers for the craft-challenged. Each stem is practically a bouquet by itself, which means putting together a centerpiece is as simple as snip and drop.

Here are how hydrangeas look in some of the mason jar centerpieces from Etsy sellers. Click the links below for more information about and to buy each. 

Top: Mason jars lined up in a rustic wooden box are popular. This one comes in a variety of stained finishes. And a stem of white hydrangeas for each mason jar is included as well. Learn more or buy from Sweet Pea and Fern here.

Middle Left: Half-gallon mason jars are less common, but make for a more prominent centerpiece. Jessica will paint yours in a color to match your wedding theme and fill with the hydrangeas of your choice. Learn more or buy here

Middle Right: The other end of the jar-size spectrum works as well. Kristina hand paints a half-pint mason jar, which is ideal for displaying hydrangeas of any color. Learn more or buy from Kristina here

Bottom: Galvanized steel is another iconic material for rustic containers. Heidi will ship your mason jar centerpiece with a galvanized tray and hydrangeas of your choice. How perfect is that for a farm wedding? Learn more or buy here.

Mason Jar Centerpieces Without Flowers

Decorations on the outside of a mason jar and interesting contents can be just as impactful as flowers. For that reason, centerpieces without flowers can be beautiful, as well. Here is some inspiration as you plan your rustic event.

Mason Jar Centerpieces with Candles

The ambiance is a crucial element created by candlelight shining softly through the clear, frosted, or tinted glass.

Centerpieces with candles radiate a soft light, bathing your event in a romantic glow. Here are three different ways to incorporate them into canning jars: (1) put the candle inside, (2) set the candle on top of an overturned jar, or (3) make the jar itself the candle.

Top: Candles have a magical glow when shining through frosted glass. Bella will send you these Winter wedding-ready centerpiece jars in pint or quart size. Learn more or buy it here

Middle Left: Looking at your mason jars as candle holders opens up a world of possibilities. Decorate your DIY wedding centerpieces with hand-knitted jar wraps. You can buy and immediately download the pattern from Megan here.

Middle Right: Monika’s soy candles are bestsellers. She will pour yours in a half-pint or pint mason jar. Then add your choice of seemingly endless scents. You can also order unscented candles. Learn more or buy them here.

Bottom: These “upside-down” centerpieces are super easy to create. I imagine them on long tables (i.e., with banquet seating) or grouped on round guest tables.

What you will need: Mason Jars; Tea Lights or Votive Candles; Single blooms in your wedding colors; and  Tulle, Raffia, or Burlap

Assemble the pieces and instant decorations! Lay your tulle or other fabric in the center of each table, then place upside down mason jars over blooms. Finish your centerpiece by setting tea lights on top.

Filler for Mason Jar Centerpieces

You are limited only by your imagination when filling mason jars with decor. I’ve already covered carrots and lemons as fillers. Here is some more inspiration.

Consider something like this if you want a bit of the “home-canned,” look for your mason jar decorations. Filling jars with exotic fruit, fabric, or flowers and tying ribbon, raffia, burlap, or other material around the lid or jar is a relatively easy way to add a lot of color or texture to your table decor. Get even more creative with your ideas and create almost any kind of impression.

Top and Bottom Left: We strategically placed orange slices against the glass, added whole fruit in the center to hold the slices in place, and filled plain water. You can use other fruit, such as fresh cherries like we did on the bottom left, or another that goes with your wedding theme.

Top Right: We stuffed a garland of artificial flowers with leaves into the jar and filled them with water.

Bottom Right: This is simply a rolled-up square of burlap.

Photo Mason Jar Centerpieces

Add pictures to your mason jar centerpieces and you’ve instantly personalized them.

If you find it interesting to talk about past events and love reminiscing over photos with friends and family, why not incorporate that into your wedding? These jars as centerpieces do just that.

Top Left: Fairy lights are one way to add focus to your special photos. Kasandra will buy the supplies and do the work for you. Learn more or buy them here.

Top Right: These half-gallon jars from Mackenzie are painted to create a photo frame. She then attaches your photos to the inside. Consider these as a vase for centerpiece flowers (No water, of course). Choose from a varied selection of frame effects, plus numerous colors of ribbon or twine.

DIY a Photo in Mason Jar Centerpiece

The bottom picture in the collage above is my simple DIY version in clear glass jars.

What You Need:

  • Mason Jars
  • Photos of the bride, groom, family, and friends who are attending the wedding (the more candid, the better)
  • Tulle or other material to set the jars upon

I used all quart mason jars, but you can mix it up with pint-sized or smaller jars to accommodate different size images. You could also decorate the tops with cloth or glue rhinestones around the necks of the jars.

Mason Jar Centerpieces with Lights

Few sights are more intriguing than a mason jar centerpiece shimmering with lights.

Top: Using fairy lights colored to complement your wedding theme is a simple and inexpensive way to help your budget wedding look upscale. Winnie’s battery-powered, 3-foot string is ideal for lighting mason jar centerpieces. Learn more or buy here.

Bottom: Kanchana’s jars are so beautiful. These are winter-wedding perfect. But she does other seasonal designs as well. So be sure to check out her shop for a current selection. There are many perfect for gifts or home decor. 

  • On the left, she combines an iconic rustic red farm truck in an evergreen snowscape. Switch on the battery-powered lights, and you’ll have a centerpiece people will always remember. Learn more or buy the red truck snow globe jar here.
  • On the right, if you prefer painted designs, Kanchana paints on the red truck and finishes with the decoupage. Lights glow through the artwork for a unique effect. Learn more or buy here

Mason Jars as Decorated Vases

Whether you add flowers or not, outside decorations can be a central feature of your centerpiece.

Burlap Mason Jar Centerpieces

Burlap and mason jars go together like peas and carrots. Here is some inspiration for decorating mason jar centerpieces with burlap. Scroll up to the Filler for Mason Jar Centerpieces section. There you’ll find an idea for using burlap as a filler.


If you agree decorations made from burlap are the ultimate in rustic decor, you will love these looks. Each of these takes a different approach.

Top: Burlap with lace is the epitome of rustic elegance. Rustic Resolution sells these as sleeves to DIY quart jar centerpieces. Learn more or buy it here.

Middle Left: This is my DIY version. (Full disclosure: I didn’t make the flowers.) Here are the instructions:

What You Will Need: Mason Jars, Burlap, Burlap Roses, Lace Ribbon or Trim, Glue

  1. Wrap lace trim around the metal ring and tie it into a bowl. 
  2. Cut burlap into squares and place over the top of an open jar. Then, using the ring only (recycle the flat metal seal), thread the lid on over the burlap, so the fabric is secured between the jar and the metal band.
  3. Make or buy burlap rosettes. You can shop here or discover your favorite tutorial on my “make burlap flowers” inspiration board on Pinterest. 
  4. Using fabric glue or a hot glue gun, attach roses to the jar.

Middle Right: This is an example of a lower-key burlap and lace wrap. This decoration lets other elements of the centerpiece take center stage while adding a finished look. Learn more or buy from Evangeline here.

Bottom Left: If you want to put DIY your centerpieces but do not want to mess with cutting burlap, this is for you. Kelli will make monogrammed burlap sleeves for your pint or quart size mason jars. Add contents, and you’re good to go! Learn more or buy the wraps here.

Bottom Right: This is my burlap-wrapped mason jar. See the video tutorial and written instructions for how to DIY the burlap flowers here.

Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

It is incredible how applying paint can create a variety of different looks.

Painting clear glass jars completely transforms them. And the beauty of it is, unlike the color on pre-made vases, paint is so versatile. You can have your choice of myriad results, depending on what or how the paint is applied.

You can see a common distressed-chalk-paint mason jar effect in the Mason Jar Centerpieces with Flowers section above. Here are some other, more unique types.

Top: Wendy paints these on the outside only, so the inside remains food-and-flower safe. Then decorates with pinecones and rustic twine. Learn more or buy from Wendy here.

Check out the rest of her shop to find designs to match your wedding theme.

Center Left: Ashley painted pint jars to complement burlap & lace decor and purple & white flowers. She sells these in sets of four with or without the flowers.

Center Right: I am a little obsessed with Kanchana. The painted cardinal with holly berries jar is another of her items. So pretty. Learn more or buy it here.

Bottom: Different materials also go well with burlap. Such as the black and white plaid Kristen uses to make these painted jars. The optional burlap + lace with eucalyptus & cotton arrangement looks so good with any color scheme. Learn more or buy from Kristen here.

Glitter Mason Jars

Who doesn’t love sparkle? You can create different bling-filled looks. And, yes, there are ways to keep those pesky flecks off their surroundings.

Glitzy and messy are two words to describe glitter. For these reasons, people have a love or hate relationship with glitter. If you fall into the love camp, these are for you. The good news is if your glitter glassware is sealed after applying the glitter, this eliminates mess. 

If you would like to create your glittery mason jars, check out the DIY glitter bottle technique in the 5 Favorite Gold and Glitter DIY Wedding Tutorials post.

Or decorate them similar to my Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses tutorial.

Otherwise, you can get the best of both worlds by purchasing sealed mason jars. These three sellers all seal their items to minimize shiney cast-offs.

Top: Krystal uses a four-step process that results in two thick coats of sealed glitter inside the jars. These are a set of four black and gold jars, but you can order a custom color or larger size jars (straws are optional).

Center: Rose gold is a popular metallic. Kelly’s ombre effect adds elegance to her designs. These are painted outside, to be flower-safe vases. Learn more or buy here.

Bottom: Silver goes with any wedding color scheme. Katelyn hand-glitters the outside of pint jars, then seals. Learn more or buy them here.

Mason Jar Size Options

If you buy your mason jar centerpieces from the sellers above, they have already decided what size mason jars to use for the centerpieces. Your job is to choose from available options.

But if you are DIY-ing, sizes matter. What size mason jar to use for centerpieces depends mostly on your preference. But there are other considerations, too.

Wide Mouth Versus Regular Mouth Mason Jars

You probably already know that some mason jar sizes are available in both mouth styles. You can use either for your centerpieces.

The narrower necks of the standard-mouth have a couple of advantages. They look so good with a bow or piece of twine tied around them. Plus, the smaller neck holds flowers in place better.

Mason Jar Height for Flowers

When choosing a mason jar for flowers, look at the size of your bouquet. And balance the mason jar size with the height of the flowers.

Begin by aiming to use a jar the height of around one-half to two-thirds the full bouquet height. Then adjust the flowers to what you like best visually.

Which begs the question, exactly how tall is each size mason jar? Different brands or styles vary in dimensions a bit. But heights are generally in a consistent range.

Rounding to the nearest inch for simplicity, here’s where to begin with your centerpiece heights:

  • 64-oz Two Quart Half Gallon (Jar height 9 1/4″ – 9 1/2″)
    Floral centerpiece height: 14″ – 19″
  • 32-oz Quart (Jar height 6 1/2″ – 7″)
    Floral centerpiece height: 10″ – 14″
  • 24-oz One and One-Half Pint (Jar height 6 3/4″ – 7″)
    Floral centerpiece height: 10″ – 14″
  • 16-oz Pint (Jar height 4 3/4″ – 5 1/2″)
    Floral centerpiece height: 7″ – 11″
  • 8-oz Half Pint (Jelly jar height 3 1/4″ – 3 3/4″)
    Floral centerpiece height: 5″ – 8″
  • 4-oz Quarter Pint (Mini jelly jar height 2 1/4″ – 3″)
    Floral centerpiece height: 3″ – 6″

Mason Jar Size to Use for Centerpieces without Flowers

The role the jar plays will dictate what size mason jar you use for your centerpieces.

  • If a single decorated jar, for example, will serve as the main focal point, quart or half-gallon jars will fill that role better than smaller sizes.
  • A rectangle table with a runner may look better with something like pint jars with floating candles.
  • If placing them as smaller decorations in front of each place setting, you will likely want the smallest jar sizes.

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Sharon Torres

Thursday 11th of April 2019

Hi, my brother is getting married in August 2019 Rustic theme. How much do you charge for your jars with pictures and the colored jars. The Lord has blessed you with an amazing talent, you share you beauty with others. That is great.

Bobette Kyle

Thursday 11th of April 2019

Hi Sharon, The jars are made by all different artisans. Here is what is going on which each of them today, along with links to the product or their stores ...

The painted jars:

- Missy sells both the distressed jars at the top of the photo and the gold painted ones for different prices here.

- Ashley sells the purple burlap and lace mason jar here for $7.99.

- It looks like Julie no longer lists her chalkboard jar, but you can message her here about it.

The mason jars with pictures:

- In the image of mason jars with pictures, the bottom one is just photos printed out and put in jars.

- Stacy painted the shiny red/orange jar. As you can see here, she focuses more on distressed and rustic styles these days. But it's likely she'd do a custom order for you.

- Mackenzie charges $9.00 for the large yellow mason jar here.


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