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Top 7 (easy) DIY Mason Jar Decorations

Do you browse Pinterest, finding beautiful DIY tutorials, but know you could never pull many of them off? If so, you are in the right place. Each of these inspirations is so simple even I can do them.  See, when it comes to the “craft skills totem pole,” I am very near the bottom. So, if I can do these easy DIY mason jar decorations, you can too.
Easy DIY mason jar centerpieces to use as wedding centerpieces or home decor...with flowers, burlap flowers, fresh fruit-filled, with pictures, with candles, wrapped in lace, and others.
My hope is you will be inspired no matter what your level of expertise. BUT, for those of us with limited skills, it helps to think of putting together these decorations as a simple three-step process:

(1) Start with a mason jar.
(2) Put pretty things inside, on top, around, and/or under the jars.
(3) Group the jars together or line them up on any surface that needs decorating, such as the center of a table, ledge, porch, porch rail, stair steps, end table, etc.

My daughter, Amarette and I combined various materials with mason jars and came up with a variety of different looks, from country to elegant, and everywhere in between.

Note: Some of the ideas below reference and link to supplies. As with most product links on, these go to this site’s shop section or directly to another website. My Online Wedding Help will receive a small commission from the merchant if you click and buy a product.

1. Candles and Mason Jars Centerpiece

Easy DIY mason jar centerpiece with candles. Turn jar upside down over a single bloom and top with tea light. Tulle or other material underneath makes it more interesting.
You can, quite literally, put these together in seconds. Turn the jars upside down over roses or other blooms, drop a candle, and you are done. You can change this look by using votives or pillar candles, adding color, and using different types and/or numbers of blooms.

Tip: You do not need to buy individual flowers for this. It’s usually more economical to buy a bush of silk flowers and pull the flowers from the stems.

2. Double Duty Mason Jar Centerpiece and Favors Idea

Idea for using live plants in mason jars as double duty wedding centperpieces and favors.

Using your centerpieces as favors is an easy way to combine two lines of the wedding budget, and live plants add a natural, eco-friendly element to your wedding. Put any type of flowering plant, herb, or vegetable in the jar along with enough potting soil to fill it, and you are done. You could also attach tags with guest names on them or use chalkboard paint and hand write the letters. Either way, the plants double as guest favors.

3. Centerpieces with Photos

Photo centerpiece idea: put photographs of the couple, wedding party, or guests inside mason jars. Quick and easy.

These are cute conversation starters. Gather photos of the couple, family, and friends who will be attending the wedding. They will bring up fond memories and assure everyone has something to talk about!

Idea: Paint the jars with picture frame openings for a different look. There are a couple of examples here, along with links to purchase them if you’d like.

4. Lace-Wrapped Mason Jars

Easy wedding centerpieces made from mason jars, lace, and tulle wedding material.

I love the look of these with lit candles. The flame shines through, kind of highlighting the sheer material. Also, simply changing the material can completely change the look from rustic to more elegant, so choose supplies according to your wedding theme. You could also make more fabric-tied or wrapped jars to hold utensils or other buffet items.

5. Filled Jar Centerpiece

Filled mason jar centerpieces...fill with fruit, flowers, or other material. Decorate by tying ribbon, burlap, or other material around the top or outside of jar.

You have a lot of opportunity to be creative with this one. Change up the fruit (both size and kind) and experiment with different flowers. You can create an unlimited number of colorful variations.

Favors Tip: Those two little bags beside the oranges were made with circles of tulle (aka wedding veil netting material) filled with jelly beans and tied off with a ribbon. They look decorative and are a way to make very inexpensive favors. Bright orange may not be a fit for your wedding, but tulle comes in many colors.

6. Ribbons and Bows on Mason Jars

Mason jars decorated with ribbon and bows. Makes for nice and easy wedding centerpieces or containers.

I get to show off my rudimentary skills on this one. The black strip running through the lace is a narrow ribbon. I used clear glue to secure it and this worked like a charm. Any contrasting colors that go together to complement your wedding theme would look just as good.

7. Burlap and Lace

Mason jar centerpieces with burlap roses. The rosettes combined with lace creates a rustic elegant look.

I fudged a little on this one, because making burlap roses is above my skill level. I can cut the burlap and (barely) screw the metal ring over it. And I can tie lace around the lid. What I cannot do without getting frustrated is make those burlap rosettes. If you want to give it a try, I’ve put together a “How to Make Burlap Flowers” pinboard here. If you would like to purchase some instead, here are my favorite burlap roses from Etsy artisans.

There you have it. Seven mason jar decorating ideas even I can do.

Rita Laporte

Sunday 12th of June 2022

I’m making Sola wood flowers for a wedding. My mason jar is filled with fairy lights then I want to add my filler and flowers to the jar but I’m having a hard time getting the flowers to stay down in the jar I used a wire in the lid to section off to better arrange the flowers but it just seems like nothing is working for me I can send a picture maybe you have a better suggestion for me thank you so much .

Bobette Kyle

Sunday 12th of June 2022

Hi Rita, They make stainless steel lid inserts that may be sturdier than wire. Alternately, you could try making the arrangement a little shorter so it is less top heavy.

Here are those inserts. It looks like it’s possible to double up on them, two in each arrangement for either smaller holes or stronger support. (Amazon affiliate link)

Good luck. They sound beautiful.


Tuesday 10th of November 2015

Great ideas, I love the candle in the jar. Thanks for sharing.