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47 Inexpensive Gemstones for Bridesmaid Jewelry

The bridesmaids’ ensembles offer a way to add an additional dimension to your wedding colors. One way to do this is with gemstone jewelry.

And, as a bonus, many gemstones are as inexpensive as they are beautiful. You may decide to go with:

(a) natural but inexpensive gemstones,

(b) lower quality or small varieties of more expensive stones, or

(c) man-made stones.

Budget-friendly gemstone ideas for each of the most popular wedding colors.

Inexpensive gemstones that match wedding color schemes. Choose these for bridesmaids jewelry to match your wedding colors. The purples are my favorite! Learn more on the My Online Wedding Help blog. #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #WeddingColors #BridesmaidsJewelry #InexpensiveGemstones


  • natural: apatite, blue cat’s eye, blue topaz
    for “chunkier” pieces: blue agate, chrysocolla (blue-green), turquoise howlite, lapis lazuli, turquoise
  • small/low grade: aquamarine, tanzanite
  • man-made: blue sapphire, blue crystal or glass, tanzanite


  • natural: purple cat’s eye
  • small/low grade: amethyst, tanzanite
  • man-made: tanzanite, violet crystal or glass


  • natural: green cat’s eye
    for “chunkier” pieces: green agate, green cameo, chrysoprase, jade, malachite
  • small/low grade: emerald, peridot
  • man-made: green crystal or glass, emerald


  • natural: pink freshwater pearls
    for “chunkier” pieces: rose quartz, rhodochrosite
  • small/low grade: morganite, pink topaz
  • man-made: pink sapphire, pink crystal or glass, pink pearl, opal


  • natural: amber, cream freshwater pearls
    for “chunkier” pieces: ivory
  • man-made: ivory pearls


  • natural: faceted carnelian, garnet
    for “chunkier” pieces: carnelian, red jasper
  • man-made: ruby, red crystal or glass


  • natural: yellow topaz
    for “chunkier” pieces: yellow agate
  • small/low grade: citrine
  • man-made: yellow crystal or glass


  • natural: black cat’s eye, onyx, black spinel
    for “chunkier” pieces: obsidian
  • small/low grade: black diamond
  • man-made: black crystal or glass


  • natural: hessonite
    for “chunkier” pieces: orange quartz
  • small/low grade: citrine
  • man-made: orange crystal or glass

47 inexpensive types of gemstones for bridesmaid jewelry. Ideas inclue red, pink, blue, orange, ivory, black, green, or purple stones. Match them with your wedding theme color! Read it on the My Online Wedding Help blog. #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #BridesmaidJewelry #WeddingThemeColor