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23 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding by Recycling

Save Money on Your Wedding by Recycling |
Savings secret #4 in Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride is “Recycling Saves More Than the Planet.” Choosing items you can use in everyday life, buying pre-owned, selling products, and donating to charities all help conserve our planet’s resources, plus have a positive impact on the bottom-line cost of your wedding.

Here are 23 ways you can be both ecologically responsible and soften the impact of a wedding on your pocket book:

  1. Buy as much as you can used. (Find items with free shipping at
  2. Choose items that can be used later in your day-to-day life.
  3. Sell your wedding products after the big day.
  4. Plan to donate wedding items and legally deduct them on your itemized tax return. (See 5 Wedding Tax Deduction Tips, Plus One to Avoid.)
  5. Buy used fancier display stands, and then resell them. (A current selection of decorative used stands and plates are at
  6. Have unusual yet inexpensive presentation dishes such as pumpkin shells or shot glasses.
  7. Buy used imitation flowers, and resell them after the wedding to keep your costs low.
  8. Carry unique-to-you “flowers” by making the bouquets from buttons, brooches, or paper instead of flowers.
  9. Reset a stone or melt down your old jewelry.
  10. Buy pre-owned rings.
  11. Choose accessories you can reuse in everyday life.
  12. Donate your wedding ensemble to a local charity that helps those who cannot afford a wedding.
  13. Buy a donated gown.
  14. Buy a used gown from a resale marketplace such as eBay. (Those with free shipping are at
  15. Buy used wedding shoes.
  16. Let the groomsmen choose informal attire they can wear in everyday life, such as a mix and match of nice blue jeans, suspenders, and button-down shirts with jackets and ties.
  17. Pick nice-looking but inexpensive suits that are also appropriate as normal dress wear.
  18. Buy the groom’s suit or tuxedo pre-owned.
  19. Buy used petticoats on eBay. (Current listings with free shipping are at
  20. Have the groomsmen wear their everyday dress suits and “oomph them up” with accessories.
  21. Share with another bride.
  22. Buy new or used tablecloths and napkins online and resell them.
  23. Buy table skirts and clips at discount prices online, then resell after the wedding:
    – Skirts:
    – Clips:

The above is based on content from the ebook Dream Wedding on e Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride