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How to Attach Your Veil To a Headpiece Comment

It is an obvious problem with not-so-obvious solutions: If you are wearing both a veil and headpiece (tiara or other hair decoration) during the ceremony how do you keep both beautifully attached to your hair?

If you will not be removing your veil for the reception, the answer is to simply sew the headpiece to your veil and secure the headpiece to your hair with pins and/or combs. If you plan to take the veil off and leave a tiara or other headpiece in your hair after the wedding, you have three detachable options:

1. Sew a comb to your veil and secure it in your hair near the headpiece.
2. Attach bridal loops to gathers in your veil (you may want to double-up the end loops for additional strength, then attach the veil to the headpiece with the loops).
3. Use Velcro. Attach the loop side to your headpiece and the hook side to the veil for easy removal.

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