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Making a Veil Step 2: Adding the Blusher (Face Veil) Comment

How to create a veil blusher (Making a veil step 2). #myonlineweddinghelp

Last time we measured and cut the tulle. In today’s Step 2 video, I explain tips for adjusting the fullness and length of your blusher, so you end up with the results you had in mind.

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Marking the point where your blusher will end and veil begins.

From here forward, your veil creation activities will focus on the line where your blusher ends and veil begins. It’s where your tapers (if any) will begin, as well as where you will make gathers and sew on the comb. To mark the tulle for reference:


To get an idea of how the blusher will look at this fullness and length, do a quick "pseudo-gather":

You can now see what your blusher, in general, will look like.

The difference length and width make.

A shorter blusher will "pouf" more because there is less material to help hold it down.
If the full width blusher is too puffy, you can taper it so it isn’t as full (i.e. less material).

How to Taper

You can take out some of the material around the edges, which narrows the blusher and decreases the around of material in front of your face.
You will use your pattern to make a steeper curve from the end of your blusher to where it meets the veil.

Next, Step 3: Attaching trim, beading, and other embellishments.


Step 3–attaching beading, trim, and other decorations–is next.


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  1. Audra Says:
    December 1st, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    LOVE THIS WEBSITE. Such clear demos and instructions.

    thank you!