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25 Rustic Elegant Wedding Ideas You Will Love

Rustic weddings are here to stay (yay!) and have even expanded to include variations on the theme.

One of my favorites is the elegant rustic wedding (think rustic chic with a bit more classy elegance). While the setting goes a long way in creating the theme, details can be critical to the look as well.

With that in mind, here are my top rustic elegant wedding ideas with my favorite examples. Look for the links for more info or to buy each product.
25 Rustic Elegant Wedding Ideas You Will Love text overlaid on a background photo of rustic decorations in the woods. MyOnlineWeddingHelp logo. Text overlay
First, here are a few tips for creating a classy rustic wedding:

a. Juxtapose the sophisticated with unrefined by choosing elements that contrast. Use burlap and lace in the same decoration or script font on a natural wood sign, for example.

b. Make liberal but targeted use of lighting to create elegance.

Lit monogram signs with a weathered finish or mason jars with fairy lights, for example. Both take on a different vibe compared to their unlit counterparts.

c. Consider an upscale or traditional venue and choose rustic details for the decor. Or do the opposite by holding the reception in a barn or farm and go with classic crystal, linens, and bouquets.

d. White against wood is drop-dead gorgeous. Consider a white baby’s breath arrangement as part of a wood-slice centerpiece, for example. It is both rustic and polished looking.


Note: As with most My Online Wedding Help links, the links in this post go to the site’s shop section or to a merchant website. That said, THE CHOICES HERE ARE MY OWN. No one paid or asked to be listed here. My Online Wedding Help will receive a small commission from the merchant at no added cost to you if you click and buy a product.

1. Elegant Rustic Wedding Invitations on Kraft Paper

Elegant rustic wedding invitations on kraft paper. These feature a tree with heart cut-out. You can get kraft paper like shown for the laser cut tree and belly band. Or choose other colors. Carol will fully hand make them or simply print and send to you to DIY. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 1. #RusticWeddingInvitations #CountryWeddingInvitations #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #RusticWeddingIdeas #CountryWeddingIdeas
The invitations are one of the first points of contact with your guests. Set the theme early with rustic invites or save the date cards.

Carol hand makes these laser cut rustic tree invitations with bellybands. Or you can choose to have her cut and print them, leaving you to DIY the rest. She has a variety of colors to choose from and you can get a full sample before you buy! More detail…

2. Rustic Wedding Hair Accessories

Blush rustic elegant wedding comb with flowers and pearls. Also, a blush veil on a bride with brown hair and white dress. Gracia logo overlay.
Tatiana is quite an artist. She is the designer, artisan, and photographer for all her wedding headpieces! You can choose one of her in-stock items or ask her to create a custom design for you.

This rustic elegant wedding hairpiece comes with a veil, too! Choose from four different color veils and different color flowers. More detail…

See all Tatiana’s current designs >>

3. Rustic Burlap Wedding Bouquet with Pearls and Flowers

Rustic Burlap Wedding Bouquet with pearls and flowers. The mix of burlap flowers and pearl brooch with lace and twine handle create an elegant bouquet for a rustic country wedding. Look for number 3 on the page for a buy link and info. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 3. #rusticweddingideas #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #countrywedding #rusticbouquet
Another approach to elegant, yet rustic flowers is to start with burlap and add romance.

Jessica creates this rustic burlap bouquet with both burlap and silk flowers. She adds in pearl and rhinestone brooches. Have her create a version of these bouquets or order a custom look of your own for both you and the bridesmaids. More detail…

4. Personalized Wood Wedding Cufflinks

Personalized Wood Wedding Cufflinks make unique groomsmen gifts for a rustic wedding. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 4. #groomsmengifts #rusticweddingideas #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #countrywedding #weddingaccessories
Wooden cufflinks add the right rusty touch to otherwise average shirt sleeves. Remember the tip above about wood against white? It definitely applies here. These custom cufflinks make thoughtful groomsmen gifts. More detail…

5. Rustic Groomsmen Gift – Drink Holsters

Photos of Rustic Elegant Wedding Idea #5 - Groomsmen Gift Drink Holsters, strapped to guys' thighs and hip. And three holsters perched on a wooden fence.



Andrew nailed it with these drink holsters! Your groomsmen will love these wild-west style holsters. (Admittedly, these aren’t quite as classy as some of the more elegant options in this list, but I couldn’t resist!)  More detail…

6. Canvas or Leather Bridesmaids Gift Makeup Bags

Custom message makeup bags as bridesmaids gifts. They are leather with silver or gold metallic or other colors. Choose the inside to be your wedding colors. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 6. #PersonalizedBags #BridesmaidGift #WeddingGifts #MyOnlineWeddingHelp Bridesmaid Personalized Canvas Makeup Bags. Have these each customized with a bridesmaid's name. Gold glitter heart as well! Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 6. #BridesmaidGift #PersonalizedBags #WeddingGifts #MyOnlineWeddingHelp

Left: Metallic leathers add elegance to a rustic wedding by creating contrast.

These custom bridesmaid makeup bags can complement your theme. And your ladies will have a keepsake to use long after the day. The message inside makes them extra special. More detail…

Right: Canvas is another material that is a natural for rustic weddings. Holly and John will decorate these with each lady’s name and a glitter heart. More detail…

7. Rustic Lace Flower Girl Dress with Flowers

Country lace flower girl dress or junior bridesmaid dress. The cotton lining and flowers can be burlap color (toffee) like in the picture, ivory / off white, lavender, yellow, or light pink. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 7. #BurlapWedding #RusticWedding #FlowerGirlDress #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
“Too cute,” says it all. The toffee flowers add a rustic aura to this adorable lace flower girl dress. Choose ivory (off-white), light pink, lavender, or yellow for the dress lining and flowers if you prefer a more romantic country look. More detail…

8. Burlap and Lace Flower Wedding Bucket Decor or Flower Girl Basket

This personalized rustic burlap flower girl basket is actually a galvanized steel bucket. You could also use this as a centerpieces or program holder. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 8. #rusticflowergirl #flowergirlbasket #RusticWedding #BurlapWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
The burlap and lace flower makes this galvanized bucket a must-have. Susan lists it as a flower girl basket. You could also use it as a wedding program holder or centerpiece vase at a country wedding. More detail…

9. Rustic Wood Ring Bearer Box

Rustic wood ring bearer box with his and hers hearts on inside lid and stylish flowers to hold the rings. Scroll to Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 9 on the page. #RingBearerBox #RusticRingBearer #RusticWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
You can also use an alternative to the ring bearer pillow to extend a rustic theme.

Nicole engraves this fine box on the outside with whatever initials or message you like. The inside lid features his and hers hearts. Stylish flowers secure the rings inside. Plus, the rings are safer in a box than dangling from a pillow or inside someone’s pocket! More detail…

10. Rustic Religious Aisle Markers

Rustic religious aisle markers with 1 Corinthians 13. Each of these bible verses aisle signs has a passage. The first is Love is patient, love is kind. Scroll to Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 10 on the page. #AisleSigns #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
Wood can look posher with sophisticated lettering. Kaylie and Josh show how with these bible verse aisle markers. You get six 15″ x 12″ stand-alone signs that you can use to decorate your home after the wedding. Each is a passage from 1 Corinthians 13:

  1. Love is patient, love is kind.
  2. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
  3. It is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs.
  4. Always protects, always trusts.
  5. Always hopes, always perseveres.
  6. Love never fails.

More detail…

11. Rustic Elegant Wedding Ceremony Curtains

Rustic elegant ceremony curtains. Use as a backdrop for the ceremony or reception. Or hang across the entrance. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 11. #WeddingCeremony #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
Lace can be an intricate part of the country-rustic look.

These ceremony curtains are perfect for incorporating it into your wedding. You can, of course, use them for any type of backdrop. Consider these for behind the head table, the cake table, or even hanging across an entrance. More detail…

12. Rustic Wedding Guestbook Alternative with Photo Frame

Unique rustic wedding guestbook alternative with photo frame. It's wall art after the wedding! So cute. Love birds hanging from a tree with heart shaped leaves. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 12. #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #GuestbookAlternative #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
Alternatives to traditional guest books are popular right now, and I love this one. The fact that it includes a tree makes it rustic, but there are many elegant elements as well: the artwork, cute hearts, and sophisticated photo frame.

You can get the frame in three different styles (oak, white, or black). Also, the background is printed, so you can get any of 30 different designs. Some are various woodgrains, but others include brick, hearts, and textured colors. More detail…

13. Sign Style Rustic Wood Wedding Card Box
card box

Rustic Wood Wedding Card Box, Signs Style. Pair it with a wooden guestbook alternative for a country theme. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 13. #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #GuestbookAlternative #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
Meg stains this wooden card box in your choice of three stains. She then hand paints your names and wedding date with white paint. Or order the paint or stain to match your wedding. More detail…

14. Lantern Wedding Decorations

Lantern wedding decorations for walkways at reception or ceremony...hang them on hooks as aisle decor at the ceremony; use as centerpieces or set them on a pathway to decorate the reception. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 14. #weddinglanterns #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
These customized lantern wedding decorations are beautiful as wedding centerpieces. Or place them along a ceremony walkway.

Give Amanda your photos and say how many you want on which side (you can get a line of text in place of a photo as well).

You will get a lot of use out of these because they can do triple duty.

(1) Hang them on hooks or set them at the end of each chair/pew row as aisle decorations at the ceremony.

(2) Decorate the reception by placing them as centerpieces or along a walkway.

(3) Later use them to decorate your home.
More detail…

15. Unique Burlap Table Runner

Unique rustic table runners for wedding or event decor. I love how Amber adds ruffles or lace to hers. Scroll to number 15 of the 25 rustic elegant wedding ideas for more info or to purchase. On the My Online Wedding Help blog.
It’s an unwritten rule that a rustic elegant wedding requires lace. And burlap is an iconic rustic fabric, so why not combine both as a table runner?

One reason you may not want to is burlap edges fray. Amber has you covered. She’s mastered the material and can make these and other burlap table runners, hemmed on all sizes, for you in any size. Take a look at all her designs in her storefront (don’t miss her unique ruffle versions)  …

16. Rustic Wedding Logs Table Decorations

Rustic wedding logs table decorations. These country rustic wedding candle holders are made for tea lights. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 16. #weddingcandles #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
These tea lights are a perfect element in your rustic wedding decorations.

Table centerpieces come alive with these log candle holders. For an elegant country wedding guest table, use with the burlap table runners (above) and wooden heart scatter (below). More detail…

17. Wedding Reception Heart Table Scatter Decorations

Finish your rustic wedding table decorations with these wooden love hearts table scatter. Look for the burlap table runner and heart log tea light holder to complete the look. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 15-17 on the page. #weddingcandles #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp
Combine the log tea light holders above with these wooden hearts table scatter from the same seller for a perfect rustic table. More detail…

18. Mason Jar and Wood Planter Centerpiece with Lights

Rustic mason jar centerpiece table decoration for a country wedding. Two jars are clear with little fairy light strands inside. The third jar is painted. Then all put into a stained wooden centerpiece box made from reclaimed wood. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 18. #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #MasonJarWedding
Tia glams up this rustic mason jar centerpiece by adding fairy lights in two of the three jars. She paints the third jar (If you’d prefer a different color, ask Tia in the notes at checkout). Hydrangeas are also included.

She stains the wooden planter box in any of six colors. It’s also available without the box.

These can become household decorations after the wedding. Or give them away as door prizes to a lucky few wedding guests. More detail…

19. Rustic In Memory Wedding Sign. In Heaven.

Rustic in memory wedding sign. In honor of those who are watching from heaven, we love you. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 19. #RusticWedding #CountryWedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #inmemory
You may want to remember those close but no longer with you on your big day.

This “watching from heaven” sign is perfect. Megan stains the wood with the color of your choice. She hand paints the letters in one of the 6 colors then seals with a matte polycrylic. If you’d like a size different from the 11″ wide x 16″ high, shown, ask her.
More detail…

20. Rustic Wood Wedding Favor Boxes

Cute rustic wood wedding favor boxes. Birch wood with heart cut outs. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 20. #rusticweddingideas #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #countrywedding #weddingfavors
These little birchwood favor boxes are just the right touch for your country rustic wedding guest tables. Maria ships them flat with your choice of wood cut out charms and twine or cord. You simply assemble and fill with goodies. More detail…

21. Rustic Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Signs

Rustic Mr. and Mrs. wedding signs. Sundy paints the wood any color you'd like. Glitter as well!. ..maybe hang them on the wall instead of on table? They come in larger sizes, too. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 21. #rusticweddingideas #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #countrywedding #WeddingSigns
Sundy makes these Mr. and Mrs. signs can be as rustic as you want.

You choose unpainted, glittered, or painted in your choice of color. Sizes range from four to seven inches tall, so you could also hang larger ones behind the couple’s table. More detail…

22. Rustic Wood Wedding Cake Stand

Rustic wood wedding cake stand display box. Decorate with flowers for an elegant or romantic look. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 22. #rusticweddingideas #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #countrywedding #CakeStand
Create an elegant or romantic look to this rustic wood wedding cake stand with flowers. Add your name and wedding date. Or Sarah and Josh will create a custom message if you’d like. More detail…

23. Rustic Country Wedding Cake Topper

Rustic Country Wedding Cake Topper. The topper's adorable with burlap flowers decorating the wedding cake. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 23. #rusticweddingideas #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #countrywedding #burlapwedding
No rustic elegant wedding is complete without the cake. This cake topper from Sarah is also perfect for any farm or barn wedding.

The three stacked hay bales, chalkboard, and daisies are country icons. She will paint the wood base ivory or white. The topper’s adorable with burlap flowers decorating the wedding cake. More detail…

24. Weathered Font Bride and Groom or Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts

Mr. and Mrs. or Bride and Groom t-shirts? They have rustic weathered font. Elegant Country Rustic Wedding Ideas number 24. #rusticweddingideas #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #countrywedding #weddingshirts
These 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts are nice to wear while setting up the wedding or reception; after the festivities; or during casual, wedding-related events (BBQ rehearsal dinner, anyone?).

The link goes to the Bride and Groom shirts. Look for the Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts from the same seller. More detail…

25. Wedding Hangover Survival Bag Kits

Wedding Hangover Survival Bags Kit. Lisa completely assembles these hangover kits for you with plenty of goodies and first aid items. Order them with your personalized tag. Also, you can get cotton or burlap bags. You can use these hangover bags as bachelorette or bachelor party necessities and wedding guest favors. #burlapwedding #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #countrywedding #weddingfavors
These hangover survival kit favors come assembled, including goodies and first aid items.

Lisa adds Emergen-C, band aids, breath mints, Advil, lip balm, hand sanitizer, wipes, and hair ties for a mess-free recovery. Cute as wedding favors. Or for your bridesmaids and groomsmen after the bachelor and bachelorette parties. More detail…




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