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Top 3 Most Lucrative Wedding Registries

These wedding registries give you the most perks--money back, free stuff, and discounts. #MyOnlineWeddingHelp

The registry you use can actually earn you more than only the gifts you receive. Some offer free merchandise and other perks. Most give you a one-time 10% off after the wedding, but if that’s all they offer, you can do better. A few actually give you free merchandise based on how much your guests purchase plus extra product bonuses. Here are the registries that currently have the most generous registry policies. All info is as of this writing. Obviously, details are subject to change over time:


This may well be the most lucrative registry in terms of perks. You get a lot of free stuff, starting with merchandise credit based on what’s purchased from your registry: 10% to you, up to $200, to use in store or online. You also get free items (like knives or cookware) when you register for and/or your guests buy certain brands from the registry. The list of items looks similar in quality to what you get with Bed Bath and Beyond’s registry (below).

Finally, they give a 15% discount on bridal registry purchases up to three months after the wedding. Returns with the gift receipt are refunded with a gift card. Kohl’s registry is here.

Bed Bath and Beyond

This is one of the most popular registries. They give you free gifts for registering for certain items and more gifts if your guests purchase them (similar to Kohls, above). As of this writing, for example, if $500 of Mikasa is bought from your registry you get a free pitcher. There are
several of these types of promotions in their “freebook.” There is no time limit on returns and they do not have to be in the original packaging. Without a receipt, they issue store credit. The registry is here.


You need to have one of their Star Rewards credit cards to get the registry bonuses, but it can be worth it: 5% rewards based on how much others buy from the registry plus 10% on anything you buy with your card through your wedding day. You also have one year from the purchase date to return or exchange registry items. Returns are refunded in the form of a gift card. Macys bridal registry is here. (As of this writing, shipping is free on $99+ registry purchase orders.)


Let’s face it: some (or all) of your guests have limited funds to buy a gift. While it may be tempting to go with a higher end store, it’s both more practical and beneficial to you if you go with a quality discount retailer as well. People will appreciate the options if they cannot afford many of the items on your registry at a high-priced store. For example, as of this writing the price for 6-quart Crock Pots start at $40. The 6 Quart Crock Pot at Target is $23.99. Plus, the purchaser get an added 5% off and get free shipping if they use a Target Redcard. Bottom line: folks are likely to be able to afford more at Target, so you will probably end up with more gifts. Finally, as of this writing, you can get 15% off your remaining registry items the week of the wedding.

(Note: I received no money or free merchandise for writing this post, and the conclusions are based on my own research of various registries. Because Kohl’s, Target, and Macy’s are my affiliate partners, however, I do get a commission if you buy something or sign up for the Macy’s registry through a link.)

Popular wedding registry items …

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Wednesday 20th of January 2016

I used to work at bed bath and beyond and you also get access to tons of planning help with their wedding toolkit and are very knowledgeable about the best products to register for and offer free gift packaging which guests LOVE when they are ten minutes from being late to the wedding.